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Friday, April 6, 2012

Packing at last

After months of list-making and weeks of shopping, the time has finally come to throw everything into battered old suitcases. My lightweight rucksack is far too delicate to get thrown onto a plane on its own, hence the case.
Here's Neil in our yard, moments before it started to rain (inevitable really)!
Tomorrow we leave Kendal; spending the next few days with friends and family before flying out to San Diego on Wednesday.


  1. Suitcase? What's with the suitcase? :-) Have fun Liz n Jon

  2. Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything....

    Enjoy yourselfs

  3. Good luck to you both, you will enjoy everything about your hike, give my regards to the trail.

    Till we meet again in October
    your good friend Milky