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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunny California

Here we are in San Diego, California, and it's ...raining. And windy. But we don't start walking until Monday, so we are hoping it improves! We had planned to mail our waterproof trousers, ice axes and crampons to ourselves a long way up the trail, but are now carrying full waterproofs with us from the start, and the snow gear is going to Warner Springs, about seven days walk away (120 miles).

We are being very well looked after by Scout and Frodo, who open their home to PCT hikers every year, and feed them and ferry them to the Mexican border to start the hike. It really is PCT Central here, with all the information and facilities we could possibly want. There are hikers from Israel, Switzerland, France, Arizona and Philadelphia, all preparing with varying degrees of nervousness to start their hike.

Walking boots versus trainers, the debate is ongoing - early signs are that the Europeans will be in boots and Americans in trainers, but it could all change!

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